Not retired and still wearing a mask


70 years old


anything with rythm (not jazz or salsa)
movie fan
TV shows
no time


mole poblano
blue, shades of brown, red
all gone :(
don't like
hypocrites, racist

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31. December 2021
Feliz Navidad sweet Mary!
26. December 2021
Merry Christmas my dear Maria ♥
May this Christmas bring you love and hope!
Let us stop for a moment,
thank our Lord for those we call friends
and those we can hold close to our hearts.
I do wish the very best for you in the coming year Maria,
less stress, more love and more joy from the friends in our lives!! ♥♥♥
My love and blessings to you dear Maria! ♥♥♥
25. December 2021
Hello my dear friend Marry, wishing you a blessed Merry Christmas and your family too. With love, peace and happiness. Sending you all my love and hugs, you have a heart of gold, always here for me, thanks so much for it, your friend Sabine
25. December 2021
✯⭐️✯Dear Maria, Wishing you and your families a joyful holiday season ✯⭐️✯

✯•❤️•✯⭐️✯•❤️•✯ Merry Christmas ✯•❤️•✯⭐️✯•❤️•✯

Thanks for your lovely greetings ❤️
24. December 2021
Hope that you and the family all have a great Christmas too Mary. xox
22. December 2021
Marita darling! Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you and everyone in the family a very beautiful, intimate, loving Christmas. <3
21. December 2021
My lovely Friends! Trying to figure this out still and it's full of surpises! Definitely getting the hang of it but still alot to learn. Too bad no challies but we can be here interacting and that IS IMPORTANT!! Sending you all a bunch of hugs!!
16. December 2021
YAY!!! Mary!! Found my other best friend here HUGS ♥ Looking for others from RG that transfered here too... So glad to see your beautiful smile!!!! Hugs X0X0
14. December 2021
Hey Marry, the other account work not, so I deleted it. Today I made a new account and hope it works better, hugs Sabine xxx
08. December 2021
Hi Maria, I received your message and I have sent you a friends request. Let me know what games you playing. My favourite at the moment is candy crush. Chris xx
07. December 2021
I'm here dear Marita. You can accept me: martharose
06. December 2021
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