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Happy New Year Irene..lets' hope 2023 is good to all of us. xxx susan

I just tried to send you a message via the "online" box, but I'm not sure if you got it - sometimes this site seems to act errantly!

Congratulations on your Bejeweled achievement!

Congratulations on being the penultimate in Bejeweled!

Thank you so much for your lovely birthday greeting. I had a lovely day & had loads of cards and flowers, was spoiled a lot !!! Jean x x x heart

Happy Easter to you!

Happy Easter to you ❤

Hello Irene...hope you are doing well. Miss chatting with you. I've tried to post a comment on your page 2 times today but couldn'g get them to show up. Happy almost
Spring smile

Hello Irene! Hope you are doing well and have made it okay through another winter. We still have a lot of snow on the ground here. Its' slowly (very slowly) starting to melt. I tried to post a message for you a little earlier but coudn't get it to go thru, so am trying again. Has Spring arrived in California?

Hello Irene! Hope you are doing well. We still have a lot of snow on the ground here but it is slowly melting. Has Spring arrived in your home area yet?

May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a joyous 2022 with your loves ones big hugs coming your way luv kez

Hello Irene...just wanted to stop over and wish you and your fam(menagerie) a...

thank you for the birthday greetings l had a lovely birthday l hope you had a great christmas with your family luv kez ❤️

Merry Christmas Irene heart

May the sparkle and joy of Christmas fill your heart. I wish you a season filled with happiness and joy Merry Christmas to you and your family luv kez ❤️

Hello Irene - So good to catch up with familiar players :-) Shame this site is so unfamiliar; I'm all at sea. I hope to find my sea legs at some stage

u7696 u7696

Good to see you,hugs MiMi

Hi Irene , so pleased we are now friends. We are getting a lovely crowd together on here ! heart Love your jeep !

Spiffy looking Jeep Irene yes

lovely to see you lrene thank you for sending me friend request l was very happy to accepted it big hugs coming your way luv kez ❤️