Why do games don't work?

Some games are made using Flash or Unity, therefore your browser must have bothe technologies installed.
If you don't have them installed you can get them here:
Free Adobe Flash Player
Free Unity Player

How do I upload a profile image?

Klikni na nastavitve, ki se nahajajo v zgornjem delu portala, ter izberi sliko in jo dodaj. Dovoljeni formati: jpg, gif in png.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by yourself. Click on this link.

Leader board

Leader board represents the sum of points, that user gets on games with scores (this games are marked with a trophy on their thumbnail image). User, who is first on a individual game, receives 100 points for that game. User, who is on the 100th place on a individual game, receives 1 point. All games that have scores are combined on the common leader board. Leader board is refreshed every minute.


Play games with medals and start earning medal points right now! You need a certain amount of points to get a bronze, silver or gold medal as it is stated under each game. You will see your earned medals on your profile. This feature is for members only.


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