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Hi, or should I say good morning lol, No there is nothing you can do trust me? my mate for over 12 years was a very good friend & still is. Like I said he sent screenshots off RG's he's very clever & taught me so much! I left here earlier? many players where having the same problem? it was like a ghost town here? I don't have many friends here like RG's but he taught me to stay logged in here, even when I was on a different game site! That is how I picked your message up! I've had so many mails.

merry christmas

Hi, I saw your comment on the Café, and I guess I'm part of the vigil, as went there today even though I had just visited a couple days ago. I was DinaEliana there. Nice to meet you on here...I sent a friend request.

Happy August!

whistling2 lollol cool

Hey Unca Goatwillow, thank you for my birthday message! I have in fact seen both Hawkwind and Sabbath! We share the same taste in music, I was a rock chick in my day, practically lived on the back of a motorcycle in my late teens early twenties. Happy days. xxx Sarah

Thank you so much for your lovely birthday greeting. I had a lovely day & had loads of cards and flowers, was spoiled a lot !!! Jean x x x

Hope you'll have a HAPPY & FESTIVE WEEKEND!!! love

I'm on your list....don't have anyone on mine. I may figure this out one day big-smilie. And hello to everyone else.

Hope you're having a warm & cozy evening!


Trying something similar at present. Never got on with those nut/oat alternatives, apart from coconut of course, and soya ones were disgusting & often made me ill. Choice on shop shelves is pretty limited while the transportation problems persist, priority is clearly being given to mainstream milk. However, a bonus to the anti-IBS meds I started about 15 years ago was that it allowed me to consume small amounts of dairy again, a godsend as I hadn't drunk a decent cup of tea for decades, and can even tolerate cereal with milk or the occasional small milkshake as a treat, although long covid is really messing with everything still.

Have you tried Lactaid? Its this milk without Lactose. Now it even comes enhanced with protein. Or you could try non-dairy like Almond or Oat, then there's no lactose, just flavored oil. wink Hmm ... macaroons. I haven't had those myself in a very long time. Nope these are a fan fav, double dark chocolate chip with cherries oatmeal cookies. They are delish! Try one. yes

Mmmm, are those macaroons? Haven't had those for decades. Way too much milk in that coffee though, partly due to the lactose thing, only stick in just enough so I can't see the bottom of the cup anymore, to take away the bitterness of drinking it black.

Here's a little incentive to add a bit more cheer to your day!

Let me know if it helped! cool

Happy New Year Thanks for friends request ... still trying to find my way around here ;-))

Hope yours is festive!

whistling2 * lollol * cool

Hello Unca Goat Willow..wishing you a very Happy, Healthy 2022!

Hi, thanks for friends request I was J8D on King/Royal But now am MIMOSA ! Were we friends on RG ? So many have joined here its a job to remember all the names .

Hope your holiday was festive.


Hi again. Thanks for your friends request.

thank you for the birthday message CV l had a lovely birthday l hope you had a lovely christmas with your family from kez ❤️that elf name definitely suits you lol