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Game description

Enjoy an addictive game that has half the internet hooked and discover what generates so much interest to have become the first viral game of 2022! Immerse yourself in a word guessing game, with a crossword format and really simple mechanics. Write random 5-letter words on the board and pay attention to the letters that will appear marked in gray, green, or yellow.

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Game comments

Pretty addictive this game ..I have solved it on line two...but no reward for doing that
17. July 2022
This game works on same principle than Master Mind ! Good game ! What a pity having to wait for next day to play again
22. June 2022
I have been playing this game for weeks now. According to the scoreboard I have only scored 2. My scores never seem to add up. What is wrong with this scoring system?
11. May 2022
I love it that there is just 1 word each day
05. May 2022
This really is a great game - but there's no reward for solving it in fewer guesses! Your first word is clearly a pure guess - but after that a nice mixture of 'guessing' and strategy come into play. Therefore 1 point whether you get the answer in 6 goes or 1 spoils it. The developers to not understand gaming or the mentality of gamers. At any point skill or strategy enter into play in any game then that must be rewarded!!
27. April 2022
If you clear your cookies down, you start again from zero on your scoring run. It isn't worth leaving the cookies on just to score a high run.
31. March 2022
i have stayed for quite awhile after guessing right on try #3 and i still am at 1 point, oh well. guess i will just have to play for the fun of it.
24. March 2022
thank you MisterSimpatik
24. March 2022
khorgan you have to stay for a few seconds on the game as the score is submitted after 5 seconds
24. March 2022
i have played 3 days and won each time but my score still says 1. i have refreshed after the round each time. how do you get more than 1 point on the leaderboard? very fun game
23. March 2022
I think this is harder than the Wordle by the The New York Times. I usually get that one. I've also played Wordle Unlimited & that too isn't nearly as hard as this one. So if you're looking for a tough version, this is it.
18. March 2022
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