Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders

Game description

Words of Wonders is an online crossword puzzle game that will test your vocabulary as you discover the wonders of the world. Start your journey with the first wonder and climb your way up to the top. Each level has a unique set of letters to connect and create words. The game is developed by Famobi and is available to play on any web browser or mobile device. Enjoy a fun and educational experience with Words of Wonders! Play WOW!

Game comments

Niveau 50 ! Je vais faire reposer mes méninges même si elles n'ont guère été sollicitées. Je me demande si mon score est enregistré ou si la prochaine fois il faudra que je reparte de zéro ! Suspense !!!!! lol

Arrivée au niveau 689 c'est dommage le jeu c'est coincé mais j'ai bien aimé ce jeu merci au site smile

Je continue mon chemin 542 toujours aussi bien ce jeu, merci à vous. big-smilie

Je suis au niveau 296 je me régale toujours autant.) en plus les photos changent. heart

Jättekul spel!! smile

This seems designed to show you as many advertisements as possible. It's not really a game as such but rather a vehicle for getting ad views. The game component is secondary and doesn't get any harder. Doesn't seem to be a score.

Got a headache. As far a level 35, but want a break. Will my score carry on the next time I play.... stay tuned.

I like it but I will not play word games that have commercials. The most I will watch is a 15 second one once in a while during a matching game like Totemia Cursed Marbles and card games, and I'm ok with multiple 5 second ones in matching games like Cursed Marbles. I have matching and word games I've purchased so as to not have to watch effing commercials, but I got hooked on Marbles. I have Zuma which is similar, but Cursed Marbles is especially addicting, I suppose because you keep the scores.

Pas mal ce jeu il faut bien réfléchir merci. smile

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