The Spear Stickman

The Spear Stickman
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Game description

Manage to obliterate them before their arrows reach you!

Game comments

hey! The counter dropped 1000 apples on my score

Around 18 to 20 your guy cannot shoot down at opponent. Even without taking any arrows. This effectively ends the game. FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM with the game. I have @ 19,000 apples now and play this game a lot. This is my experience and observation.

I'm at 14,505 apples. The red apple removes arrows but it DOES NOT fix the ability to shoot at opponent low on the screen. You will be unable to reach these guys and the game is effectively over. This is a MAJOR GAME FLAW. The red apple allows you to deduct the cumulative arrows which will add up to game over in most cases (areas specific) but do not allow the game to be played at length.


oh and another peeve; not infrequently I am killed without ever seeing the opponent shoot. Typically the opponent is not shooting while you are sending a volley. I was just killed while sending a volley against two opponents standing together. they should have been killed but I died and they remained. Losing while not seeing the opponent shoot is another flaw to this game.

another game where two opponents at the bottom of the screen were not within my ability to reach them and I had not been shot at all. Totally unfair. No chance to play under that scenario. And this can happen at any time during any game.

so I have an arrow in my knee and two opponents to the right below the level of my feet. I cannot shot them because there is an arrow in my shoulder? Then same situation with an arrow in my right knee. So one shot in the beginning is game over when I can only wait for the game to position an opponent below me that I cannot shoot at. This is lame... fun game but these flaws get really irritating since they cannot be defended against.

why can't you vary the power of your shot?
why can't you lob a shot like the opponents can?
Why can't you shoot a high arc shot which comes back down (like your opponents do?)
Why doesn't your last shots, which will hot an opponent land after being launched, when you are shot. The opponents shots hit after they are out. Why not mine?

often your player is unable to shoot an opponent who is situated at the bottom of the screen. This is not always caused by getting an arrow in your leg and is sometimes just a flaw in the game. When you get hit in the leg sometimes your mobility/flexibility is lost so you are unable to aim, in this case, low enough to get your opponent. This means one arrow in your leg means you are automatically going to lose when an opponent is down below you.

Went to different browser and shot a 25. The game was still pretty aggressive however with up to three adversaries at once.

This appears to be a game where you should clear the cache because it is getting MUCH harder game after game. They shoot at you with much greater accuracy, with more simultaneous opponents and they get increasingly close to you. This makes the games shorter and your scores lower than when you were inexperienced. I have only tied 21 even with 1000 apples.


up to 17 guys and 215 apples
How are you doing?

That's half the fun!

why doesn't it keep a list of top scorers?