Sand Sort Puzzle

Game description

In this game, you should tap on the glasses to pour the same-colored sand into different glasses and sort them. By filling a glass with one color, a flower will grow on that glass. So this is a challenging game for your brain! Also, you can restart the level whenever you get stuck in the puzzle game. In this HTML5 game, you will collect coins by passing each level and there is a shop that you can buy new glasses with your coins.

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Game comments

je suis au niveau 62 et je me suis aperçue qu'on pouvait obtenir un vase en plus en cliquant sur plus 1avec une vidéo !!! ca aide bien !!! bons jeux
06. June 2022
oui moi au tri de sable !!! et j'aime bien
18. May 2022
heya yes i play this game and really like it ,,would be great if we could play it in a mini leagues like so many other games on here
22. April 2022
does anybody else play these games?
21. January 2022
...back to great game for second grader
21. January 2022
dang, game froze with spinning circle arrow thing. hit refresh and it went back to the beginning screen.
18. January 2022
level 33 is starting to get thoughtful
18. January 2022
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