Paper Fold Origami

Game description

It will be fun, bright, and interesting! Origami is one of the oldest applied arts for folding paper figures. These can be animals, plants, insects, etc. There is even an old legend in Japan about the special power of origami. It says that if you want your most cherished wish to come true, you need to fold a thousand paper cranes. Then give them to people and they will give in return as many smiles as cranes. Only then will the most sacred things come true. Forty levels await you in the paper Origami logic game. At each level, you need to collect a whole image by folding a leaf. You need to bend the four sides of the sheet and do it in the correct order. If everything is correct, then you will see in front of you a charming image of an animal or object. If something goes wrong, then try to fold the leaf a little differently. This game will perfectly pump your logic skills, especially observation. This will be useful for both children and adults.

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Can't see how to progress beyond first game...?
21. June 2022
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