Onet World


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Game description

Build a beautiful place where cute little animals can live happily and peacefully together in this fun link Mahjong game! Find identical pairs of animal tiles on the field and remove all of them to complete a level. Try to clear as many levels as you can to earn points and coins. Connect animals with special icons to earn bonus time, power-ups, or extra points, and use your power-ups if you are stuck. Stay focused and keep an eye on the time - once it is up, the game ends immediately! Use your coins to buy new animals and toys in the shop and improve your Onet World. Can you collect everything and earn a top spot on the leaderboards?

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Game comments

This is a cute game of mahjong matching. When you pass levels you earn specials like hints, shuffles & adding time. Keep in mind though, the score ISN'T CUMULATIVE, the scores listed are achieved from one set of levels for the time allotted & once the time runs out, that's it, you start @ zero again & start over. You do get to keep your earned specials but the score is ERASED BACK TO ZERO after the time allotted runs out.
31. July 2022
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