One Card Game

One Card Game

Game description

Or have you never played this great game? Then go ahead, choose a character and take part in wonderful friendly competitions. A perfectly recreated atmosphere of the game, detailed instructions, simple controls and many interesting opponents who are ready at any time to keep your company are waiting for you.

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Game comments

Shoot they've completely changed the game format. I don't like it now..what a shame, I loved it before no

yes. Its good isnt it.

Woo Hoo, got 100,000!! rocks Too bad there's no leader board! unsure I think this is the same game as 4 Colors PGS as it has the same music where here I have to turn it off twice @ least on that game I only need to turn it off once. - Susan this is better than 'Uno' as that one you can only play once & then tell you to go join to play on their malware laced website. This one you can play multiple games.

Who would have guessed, One Card Game is UNO! yipee rocks

Tried to play this game. But won't play.