Monster Tracks

Monster Tracks

Game description

Monster Tracks is a skill game where you must drive through treacherous paths with aerial movements. That's why you must be careful when putting power on the pedal as any wrongly intense maneuver can arch the truck backward, causing you to flip upside down. Study the path carefully and maintain a slight backward tilt as most obstacles will propel you forward. Adjust your speed to what the current level requires and you'll master this challenge in no time! Watch out for obstacles such as spline bridges, pebbles, tree logs, windmills, ramps, and of course a body of water that will cause you to lose the game if you fall into it. You'll get the opportunity to use the shop and upgrade your vehicle's power, grip, and weight, so that you can take on upcoming challenges with ease. Don't forget to share Monster Tracks with your friends and compare your high scores!

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