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Match Arena
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Step in the Arena Worlds first Match against real players. Test your strategy and skill against real opponents or connect with friends in live Match action on hundreds of levels with unique settings gorgeous effects and unexpected turns. Play and climb to the Golden League of Match Arena by completing exciting challenges on your way up Let the cutest piggymagic accompany you in your exciting and challenging journey.

Game comments

When I try to open Match Arena a black screen appears with this text above...This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. Is anyone else having this trouble ?

How come an ad comes up and states "visit site" I can't skip the ad so I watch and I try to go back to the game but it stays on the ad with nothing to click on to get out of it and I can't get back to the game I was in the middle of playing .....what is the matter with this game site !!!! thumbdown

I agree Aneira. At least put ads on that don't freeze so you have to start the game all over again.

Get rid of the too many ads inbetween games we will play more then

Bonjour ce jeu est chouette je l'aime bien. Je joue par plaisir. Bonne chance à tous.

I found out after many many levels you can turn off the music on the bottom there's a settings nut looking icon, you need to scroll the options wheel to the right to find it. Its only available between levels. Being able to hear the sound effects has improved the quality of the game for me.

-- I've also noticed I have no idea what level I'm on, the game goes on forever.

I like that I'm playing against other players on the site. I don't like you can't turn off the music. The only way is to turn off the sound on my computer and the only plus to that is I don't have to hear the commercials that are between every single level.

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