Mahjong Fortuna

Mahjong Fortuna
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Game description

Originating in China, the classic board game Mahjong is now themed as zodiac signs, so each level creates a new horoscope. Your goal is to match identical stones and remove pairs from the field. Clear the field to win the game and unlock all horoscopes and zodiac signs.

Game comments

333,874. Merry Christmas everyone smile

311,925 and then I gave up..need to fix some diner to eat. gl all

486,721 then quit for bed time

438,432 then I quit for the night. Bed time for me. tc

751,946 today's score. I got tired and decided to give up and go to bed.

Completed all the signs of the Zodiac score 409.092

609,672 final score today

452,666 final score for tonight

453,794 I quit when I got tired as its very late at night here right now.

my score for today was 220,159 I can't get it to register on the Leader Board.

I was not able to record my final score again after completing all the signs of the Zodiac sad

j'aime bien ce jeu ,j'espère que vous aussi. smile

I can't seem to ever get my final score to register on the Leaderboard. I've tried hitting the end of game "ok" button. I've tried hitting the F5 refresh key, ect. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance for any help I might recieve.

I like the sound effects & that you can turn off the music. I don't like that it's difficult to tell which tiles are free, there's no 3D effect or shading. confused

average 3.47

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