Mahjong Connect 2

Game description

Different style of mahjongg, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway. Select slabs with the Left Mouse Button.

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Game comments

another 32650... will not change my first recorded score
21. January 2022
no, it did not work. I am at a loss to explain how this works...

Any help out there ???
21. January 2022
okay I just played up to 13700 and then I went to the menu. No recording of my score. So I think to record your score you have to hit the blue square with the circle arrow at the bottom right of the board. Perhaps that will register your score.
21. January 2022
Just scored 32700 and not recorded as well.
16. January 2022
Bonjour essayez un jeu je le trouve bien il s'appelle jardin solitaire ou solitaire Garden même jeu. Bonne chance à vous ,meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année 2022.
10. January 2022
Didn't record for me either...........I thought that maybe it didn't record until the game ended, but nope. Started me all over even though I put the password Not gonna play it anymore and I wish I'd not given it a good rating. Sorry JellyD. That stinks. I did really well too! But not quite as high as yours. Just under it.
09. January 2022
Check my provile images for 39190 score as took screenshot
18. July 2021
39190 finished....still not recorded!!!
18. July 2021
32,300 and it never recorded!!!!!
17. July 2021
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