Jewel Master

Jewel Master
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Game description

Can you become the new Jewel Master in this bejeweled game? Follow the in-game instructions on how to reach the goal of a level. Swap two jewels to get three or more in a row.

Click on end game/submit score to add your score to the leaderboard.

Game comments

I finally finished this game & thought I'd done really well (335,530) - but apparently not! how on earth did someone manage to get 927,000?? I can't help wondering if that is a true score achieved by an actual person. I suppose we'll never know..

En effet de la daube ! Mon score plafonné à 189500 alors que plus de 210000 en repartant à zéro ... Les nuls.

This game bites... I have been playing level 71 for three days. This morning I got down to one last square and it took my best pieces several times without any apparent reason. Then I clicked on the notifications button and read a stupid message and when I went back the game restarted from the beginning. And... all of the points I had accrued from playing for days were lost and not recorded. This really stinks. I am done with this lousy game.

And do not accidentally hit end game. In the past the game position was saved but this is not the case now. Hitting "end Game" will start a whole new game from level 1. No one wants to do that. You want to complete the game and get a high score registered. And some of these levels are misery to get through.

The points you can score are also much lower making the point levels if the old game unachievable now. The points I had accrued in the old game are unusable now in the new game. The new score is a fraction of the old score. So the High scores of record are so far out of reach as to be impossible.

on @ 1/26/22 New game version replaced old game. Often making the last obstacle on the last shot will not complete the level and you must repeat it. this has happened several times this evening. Also when the game runs out of moves and shuffles it takes any valuable game pieces with it and you lose them.

Game wants 5600 points in 1:20 and I am scoring 6500 but it doesn't progress to next level ?!?

average 2.40

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