Going Balls

Game description

A series of exciting competitions are about to begin in this ball game. Take control of the first of several totally awesome balls before it starts blasting down a series of obstacle courses. You’ll need to avoid the edges, roll down ramps, and knock over crates as you attempt to reach the finish line in each challenging level of this racing game. Also, be sure to collect keys and coins along the way. You can trade those in for even cooler balls.

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Game comments

Level 15 is a trick level - it won't let you travel the route it wants to turn you around - I died!
27. March 2022
This game is spooky. Good thing when you fall off the track you don't actually die. Like the sound effects, does sound like a metal ball rolling on a wooden track and the other sound effects & graphics are good too. There's very little variety, its the same thing every level, just roll the ball, get coins, don't fall off the track & pass the finish line - ad - repeat.
27. March 2022
Really DON'T like the ads every level - I'll be sure to NEVER use Vrbo as their ads are fake & irritating!
27. March 2022
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