Gin Rummy Classic


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Game description

Choose between different opponents, each with a different playing style, select one who matches your skill level, and try to earn the most points. Sort your cards to form sets and runs, keep an eye on your opponent, and use the right strategy to win! Are you able to get a Gin?

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Game comments

I've not seen the Chuck E Cheese ad, guess I 've been lucky. Well done on blocking it.
30. July 2022
Wow ... wow ... so the Chuck E Cheese ad is still here even though I reported it to administrators 2 days ago - so downloaded adblockplus onto my computer, now I don't have that problem anymore ... Woo Hoo!
25. June 2022
Thanks Wholelottarosy. Now there's this Chuck E. Cheese Ad that comes on in the middle of the game & then it stops & the game doesn't continue ...
23. June 2022
Congrats on beating your score 4vrCute, it definitely takes some doing.
Plus I'm so sick of the Evo computer ad......grrrrr
I'll keep plugging at it though lol
30. May 2022
Woo Hoo! I did it, I finally beat my 362 score! It IS possible!
29. May 2022
Yes, that's true Wholelottarosy, its very difficult to 'win' a game. I've 'won hands' but getting above my 362 highest score seems it'll be luck if I ever do.
28. May 2022
I love this game, but the amount of times my computer opponent has had a complete hand in the opening round or completed within a few turns of the cards is unreal.....seems hard to "win" a game.
30. April 2022
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