Firefighter Pinball

Firefighter Pinball


Game description

In this game, you will enjoy a different pinball experience. Stylized after a day in the lives of firefighters, this pinball game will let you drive a fire truck, check your pumper, make interior operations, respond to a motor vehicle incident or assist with a helicopter rescue. Furthermore, you will be learning fire safety facts while playing it. Get ready to spend some time on this exciting and informative pinball game!

Game comments

ck this out ( played it on the pc earlier) { } + then that dreaded Game Freeze UGH! sad

I need my pc,cell is not to play on for me.Could play better and score higher as well.

I like to see you people get the pinball game called fire power. That was a good game.

That is soooo cool ... I haven't played pinball in years! big-smilie