Chicken Survival: Feed & Escape


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Game description

Who does not like those adorable little yellow chicken that are so fluffy and cute that you want to hug them all day long, but these adorable little chickens face a lot of obstacles and dangers. In this exciting new adventure game called chicken suvrival you will have the task of helping the little chickens father sneak up into the kitchen and grab some food, but he will have to do this without getting caught by the dangerous and angry cook. On your way to the kitchen you will also have the chance to collect hidden stars. In addition to the hidden stars, you will also have pick the food that made you go on this chicken survival expedition in the first place, which will get you extra points. once you have gathered five thousand points, you will be able to buy yourself a new life, so you will have more chances at gathering food. good luck staying safe from the evil chef in this exciting adventure game called chicken survival!

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