Candy Match 2

Game description

How quickly will you be able to remove them from the board in this matching game? Team up with a truly clever kitty in this fun and challenging match 3 game. He'll show you what to do in the first level. Each subsequent one will have a particular goal you'll need to achieve. For example, you might need to remove at least ten identical green jelly beans from the board by putting them into groups of three or more. How quickly can you connect the candy and get through each level? If you get stuck, look for any piece on the board that's shaking. That will give you a helpful clue.

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Game comments

Its ok, very similar to other candy matching games. 4, 5 & 6 match = special candies, in the beginning of the levels it explains how to use them. Its another endless level match candy game. For those who are very skilled in these type its boring, more of the same. May be fun for a new player.
27. June 2022
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