Candy Crush


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Game description

Welcome to the Candy Shop! Which one is your favourite? Match candy to create special sweets such as striped candy, wrapped candy and rainbow candy. Combine these specials to create spectacular effects such as Super Stripe and Mega-Candy.
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Game comments

Yesterday on level 420 now back to level 1 why
26. April 2022
Level 400 but now have to wait a few days to play more levels why?
19. April 2022
HA HA Loading now but right back to level one instead of level 292 where I was. I hate this sit. It is rubbish!
17. April 2022
Playing a while now. Just like most games doesn't load, This site is fairly rubbish really!
17. April 2022
Got logged off. When I logged back in all of my games and scores were reset to zero. So NOT happy!
08. April 2022
Are the games tested to see if they work properly. Keep being interrupted in Candy crush due to blue screen coming up, then you lose a life.
22. March 2022
Why do you have to wait so long to play more levels?
09. March 2022
Good game but you are often in the middle of playing, then all of a sudden blue screen comes up like an ad break and you lose a life and have to start level again
03. February 2022
25. January 2022
this is ok but it resets fast
25. January 2022
pas mal ce jeu
02. January 2022
Helloooo xxx hope you are all well xxxxx
27. December 2021
Not for me...hate goal reaching games...
26. December 2021
Reach to Level 20, I have to wait next day... then I restarttoLevel1
What is the problem ? LOL
28. October 2021
mine won't play at all anymore!!!!! very frustrating!!!
24. September 2021
14. September 2021
restart game
31. August 2021
This is disappointing and frustrating. Why on earth do I have to start from level one everytime I leave the game?!!!! Why my score isn’t being saved?!!!
18. July 2021
porque me regrasa al primer nivel
22. June 2021
What country are you from? I am from Croatia.
26. May 2021
any help with not having to start from level 1
20. May 2021
how to save? I have to start from level 1 everytime.
10. May 2021
does not work
08. May 2021
Tôi xin chao
15. February 2021
28. January 2021
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