Candy Crush


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Game description

Welcome to the Candy Shop! Which one is your favourite? Match candy to create special sweets such as striped candy, wrapped candy and rainbow candy. Combine these specials to create spectacular effects such as Super Stripe and Mega-Candy.
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Game comments

Reach to Level 20, I have to wait next day... then I restarttoLevel1
What is the problem ? LOL
11 hours ago
mine won't play at all anymore!!!!! very frustrating!!!
24. September 2021
14. September 2021
restart game
31. August 2021
This is disappointing and frustrating. Why on earth do I have to start from level one everytime I leave the game?!!!! Why my score isn’t being saved?!!!
18. July 2021
porque me regrasa al primer nivel
22. June 2021
What country are you from? I am from Croatia.
26. May 2021
any help with not having to start from level 1
20. May 2021
how to save? I have to start from level 1 everytime.
10. May 2021
does not work
08. May 2021
Tôi xin chao
15. February 2021
28. January 2021
Happy new year friends
02. January 2021
02. January 2021
If by chance you do a security scan at any time when you go in to play it automatically starts you back at level 1 again. ... When I played Saga it would just continue on no matter what you did. I don't understand the constant restarts after getting so far. disappointing to say the least. I do enjoy playing.
30. December 2020
hi as you are
16. December 2020
bad day
16. December 2020
Do any of you speak Croatian?
12. December 2020
Are you from Croatia, I am.
09. December 2020
as you are today?
09. December 2020
08. December 2020
The game is ok for me, but I get a little bored when he doesn't let me watch commercials for the sequel
01. December 2020
hello? is any body there?
10. November 2020
10. November 2020
yes this game is start at level 1 i feel sad because i am 392
18. September 2020
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