Butterfly Shimai


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Game description

Match two of the same butterfly wings to create beautiful butterflies and make them disappear on the board. But beware! Other wings will block them from being matched, so you have to find the correct path and order to match them. But don't worry if you can't find a way to match them, since you can use power-ups which will help you find the matches you are looking for. But keep in mind that those power-ups are of limited use, so don't overuse them. So hop in and start creating beautiful Butterflies and watch them all fly to their new home!

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Game comments

j'adore ce jeu
05. September 2022
The butterflies are lovely... but there's a bug in the game. At some levels, the butterflies end up mis-matched (can't make a pair with the final two, or sometimes four). The developers need to tweak the algorithm to fix this.
01. May 2022
très beaux papillons !!! génant quand ils volent et qu'on cherche à trouver les autres!!!
29. March 2022
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