Bubble Woods


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Game description

Your goal in this fast-paced bubble shooter is to match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop them. Play smart and bounce balls off the walls to reach strategically important bubbles - dropping big clusters can give you a huge bonus! Use powerful boosters to score even more points and try to reach the highest score!

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Game comments

l play well because I practice. Can't
be good if you don't practice.
17. September 2022
I never get advertisements; I play on Firefox & have fixed it so that the history memory has been disabled. A couple of years back RoyalGames reccommended doing that so that it would help with a problem (don't remember what) They explained how to do it & I've fogotten that too, but maybe you could figure it out if you try.
28. July 2022
how do I get out of chuck e cheese advertisement?
22. June 2022
Great Score @ rabakana !!!...tried and tried ...to pass it ... couldn't even come close...Well Done...!!!...
25. May 2022
28. April 2022
Riktigt roligt
17. April 2022
" Wishing all a " Happy Easter"
17. April 2022
I like this site, as well as Kohl's ). Interesting that I pulled up JCPenney today: Hmm perhaps a reflection of cookies as a JC ad appeared not long after
17. April 2022
I commend the top players scores! But not the second one sorry squad something? ! I need more practice! Will get there soon lol!
15. April 2022
Fun game and plays well. It does remind me of Bubble Saga from Royal Games. Would be nice to keep adding to your score. Have not figured that one out yet either.
26. March 2022
This game reminds me of Bubble Saga/Love Me Not..It took me forever on RG to get the Mill...With the % going up on the boards...be careful....different browsers will take u back to board 1...especially on some when you clear Cashe' or History..
11. March 2022
Yes 4vrCute I agree with you! Well played Paula & Robin! LOL Me.
06. March 2022
pas mal ce jeu
22. February 2022
Scores are NOT CUMULATIVE. So if you get a high score it would be for that specific level only. The most annoying part of this game is that there is a commercial every single level! Also you don't more up a level just by completing timed section. You must earn it w/points. I can't figure out how to do that. So far the game decides for me & I just go along with it.
20. February 2022
ancora na volta imeangame.com blocca il gioco uffa
04. February 2022
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