Blocky Roads Online

Blocky Roads Online

Game description

Are you ready for a road trip that will present you with new adventures? Now, are you ready to experience the best road trip of your life? Hop on your car and get ready to go over the blocky roads. This journey is full of new adventures, and you need to drive well to complete all the levels. Sometimes the roads will be dangerous, and sometimes there will be other obstacles, but if you drive decisively, you’ll be safe. You will see 20 levels in this game. What you need to do is simply click on the screen, so that your car will be moving on. There will be various challenges for you like zombies that you will need to kill by driving over or hills you will need to go over. Don’t forget to collect coins on the way, too. You can boost your speed, jumps, gas, or time with those coins. Now, start driving and always balance your speed and gas on the way. How many levels do you think you can successfully complete?

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