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What's better than a diamond? More diamonds!

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Babs & Ms.Lenin you CAN'T put in your name & that's why PLAYER is unchangeable. Whatever name you use here @ P123 is the name & score that is saved. I think its unique that you can see the stats of your play for that game. dry

Ms.Lenin, I have same problem. Can't put anything in where "Player" is.

Very fun and addicting but I agree the flashing lights are a distraction,.

Ce jeu est très bien,merci.

I just tried to reply to Spiral1111 and a red bar came up preventing me from doing that. Disgusting to treat players like this. And yes, lots of games do not work and this site apparently couldn't care less.

Does anyone know what's happening with this game ? For 2 days now the screen is black and the other games have a fragmented movement.

eva - I'm currently no2 on today's board & I played the Classic version.

You don't have to put your name, just scroll down, and you'll see your score and name on the list. I'd like to know, too, which version the 1, 2, and 3 position winners play. To get to #4 rating once in a while, I can only do that playing Speed.

for those of you with over 1 million points, did you get them playing the speed version or the classic version?

Why were we all given a player name if we can not enter it

Would like too changing my name : my name is Chantal not "player" !!! lol Anyone knows how to do it ???

@granite23 exactly as me! I am glad to see i am not alone having problem to change my name from Player

Glad to see it isn't only me that had this problem with my name at the end! no

Ditto same issue with Player name: All we want for Christmas is "our name"

I scored the 439K but was unable to change the name from Player. This is lame. I want to put my name on my score.

I am also having problems trying to add my name to the scoreboard. Cannot delete the word "Player" Anyone have any ideas.

How do you put your own player name into scoreboard at the end? I can't delete the word "Player". Not really important but I was just wondering.

good game but too many bright sad flashing lights

average 4.04

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