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What's better than a diamond? More diamonds!

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Why were we all given a player name if we can not enter it
23. January 2022
Would like too changing my name : my name is Chantal not "player" !!! lol Anyone knows how to do it ???
11. January 2022
@granite23 exactly as me! I am glad to see i am not alone having problem to change my name from Player
11. January 2022
Glad to see it isn't only me that had this problem with my name at the end!
01. January 2022
Ditto same issue with Player name: All we want for Christmas is "our name"
24. December 2021
I scored the 439K but was unable to change the name from Player. This is lame. I want to put my name on my score.
20. December 2021
I am also having problems trying to add my name to the scoreboard. Cannot delete the word "Player" Anyone have any ideas.
18. December 2021
How do you put your own player name into scoreboard at the end? I can't delete the word "Player". Not really important but I was just wondering.
06. December 2021
good game but too many bright flashing lights
22. November 2021
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