Angry Flappy Wings

Angry Flappy Wings


Game description

Flap your tiny wings and try to fly as far as you can with your angry little bird in this action-packed skill game. Fire bullets to remove trees and clear the way. Be careful - if you collide with any objects, the game is over! Collect powerful boosters and fight against mighty bosses who try to shoot you out of the sky. Play as a single player or in two-player mode with a friend on the same device to double the fun. How far can you go?

Game comments

5216, the bird simply fell out of the sky for no reason

5590 and the game ended when my little bird simply fell out of the sky for no reason. Clear sailing area of the game and down it went.

And as of this week only me and one other person have played it.

over a 1000 points the bird sometimes falls out of the sky for NO REASON at all. I have seen this many times and the last one was with no obstacle anywhere near and no bad bird thing shooting at me. This is maddening when you have a good game going.