9 Ball Pool

9 Ball Pool
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Game description

How fast can you pot the 9 ball?

Game comments

Yay, they fixed the English! - clap

takingabreak you add English on the white ball @ the bottom on the board, you just press the mouse on the red circle to direct the cue to however you wish.

There used to be a game via miniclip that you actually played another real live person, but now that site is only mobile & you can no longer play via your computer no

Yes would prefer to play against someone else and couldnt figure out why I couldn't put any English on it lol

This is a strange game, the cue ball @ the bottom seems like you can use english, yet the game won't let you. You are timed & you play all the balls. The score @ the end is how many games you're able to accomplish within the given time limit.

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