1001 Arabian Nights 7: The Ebony Horse

1001 Arabian Nights 7: The Ebony Horse


Game description

A Persian Sage brings an ebony horse which can fly to King Sabut. In return the King gives one of his daughters but she is reluctant to marry the old and ugly man. Her brother, Kamar al-Akmar, protests at their father, but when he travels on the horse he does not know how to descend. When he eventually does he comes to an unknown palace where he meets a beautiful Princess Shams al-Nahar. After being discovered he threatens the King he will fight him or his army. The next day he flees from the battlefield with his ebony horse. At home he craves for the Princess and takes her from her home. When they are back at Kamar’s palace the Persian Sage abducts her and brings her to the land of the Greeks. Here the Sage is put in jail and the Princess becomes mad of sorrow. Kamar meanwhile finds out where Shams is and pretends he is a master of medicine. He fools the king and escapes with Shams.

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