Hello, welcome to my profile! I'm a X player from, King.com/Royalgames for over 14 years! We all miss the site in one way or other. but now sadly closed... And thank you for the leader board games from friends here! I like many of them but need practice lol & thanks for cheering me up! Plus I have nothing to hide here & never have in past & I only have one account here no more! Happy gaming too all.. smile smile smile Croeso from, South Wales, UK.


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  • 63 years old, GUESS LOL...


  • musicAll music! :-)
  • moviesFact & Thriller. & The Terminator Movies! & Norman Bates Motel. Ha Ha :-)
  • TV showsEastEnders. Ru Pauls drag race. Mrs Brown's Boys. Lord Sugar the apprentice.
  • hobbyCraft! Crochet.


  • foodHomemade hot curry, pasta & seafood .
  • colorBlack/Pink & Red.
  • petsDon't like spiders! Ha! Ha! :-(
  • don't likeNot made my mind up yet! LOL :-)

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I'm happy with the close circle of friends I have here & known them from the past for a very longtime.So at the moment I will not be adding anymore. But if you wish to ask any questions? I will answer best I can & if you want to comment in my box here you're welcome! I post here because when I try on my profile all words get mixed up like a jigsaw puzzle & is not me don't why? lol & have fun playing the games like I do! Elaine smile heart smile xx

Same to all that played me on? Dora and the Lost City of Gold: Jungle Match. Have fun & good luck ok. smile smile smile

Thank you to all that played me in! Rachel Holmes: Find Differences Well played all of you. I got to level 229 but for some reason was put back to zero lol??? or well all fun & need to play more often I guess? I know the the levels get harder when we play! See you later I love that game, best wishes too all I played with... smile smile smile

Hi Play 123, thanks for the personal message you sent. (We are congratulating you for being a member of Play123 for 1 year!
We hope you enjoy being in our company.) Yes I do & thank you! I do get a little lost sometimes but that makes me think more! LOL. Love the graphics on all games here I've played & so many games to play. Thanks admin Elaine smile

Hi Bridget, was hoping you would get my private message I explained all there as you know! Thanks for the comment here, it took me months to open it back here. I'm so happy to hear from you! I know you don't play much here & I understand why. Best wishes my friend always!!! Elaine smile heart smile

Hi my friend! So glad comments are allowed again! Praying that all goes your way always!

@Zoalja Hi Kat thanks for the comment in my box, I'm still lost in the kingdom here lol, but some of my friends have used this site a lot longer than me & try to guide me & is hard work for them they know what I'm like ha ha. I play many games & glad you enjoyed playing some of them, but some I have no Idea what I'm doing & can't work them out! Then I won't give in? I can be relentless working them out. We all miss King/RG's but there is nothing we can do sadly! Best wishes to you my friend! smile smile smile

@belfastchild Hi my wee friend! Lovely to hear from you! I'm doing ok thank you & hope you & family also. I'm still a little lost here lol & mail friends to ask for help they've used the site a lot longer here than me & know more, best wishes from, South Wales, Elaine smile smile smile

Oops, Sorry, I guess I can't type today, didn't mean to call you Elaina.

Hi Elaina, I hope you are doing well. I am on and off here due to time constraints lately. I love that you post all your favorite games. I have tried quite a few of them and really like many of them. I'm still trying to get used to this site, not the same as Royal. I don't think any game site will compare to Royal to be honest. Thank you for being you!!!! Kat

Yoohoo. Hiya hun. I just thought I'd drop by for a wee hello. I hope you're keeping well my friend. Tis great to see you on here. xxx.

When I was young in the 80's I would walk to work 3 miles & in blizzards & drifts up to 20 feet high in some areas & walk back home to my parents then, no cell or mobiles in them days! So I got used to it I had no choice in them days! But I had no fear like I said was used to it & knew no different. Elaine smile

Snowed in for WEEKS! Eeek! That would be frightening to a city girl like myself. Thankfully the county plows our streets (via our taxes) & usually if my driveway is shoveled, I can get out within a couple days. I'm glad I live in a warmer climate. cool

@4vrCute Hi thanks! Where I live it's freezing, are you sure you locked the door? very rare we get high gales winds, but some can reach up to 80 miles plus & slates & tiles come off the roofs & other damage! But when it snows? because I live a small village? they can't get the gritters or ploughs down our street It is so narrow & they could damage car's & jeeps! So nothing new for me to snowed in for a few weeks, but we prepare in advance for it? food/beer/ wine & so on! LOL Elaine cool

You're welcome Elaine.

Its been sunny here, so I need my sunglasses. It was pretty warm (64ºF + ) for a few days. Now its back to wintry temps 32ºF (0ºC), still sunny though. Yesterday we had some scary wind. A big branch hit the house, it sounded like a door slammed. No damage thankfully.

Hope you're having a great weekend! worship cool zzz

@Mimosa Hi Jean thanks for the comment in my box. And for thinking of me likewise the same with me with you! Now I've sent you a private mail, it is long & take you time to read! I'm a chatter box as you know, so made up for lost chatting! With you lol! Take care my friend I will be in contact soon! Elaine smile heart smile xx

Hi Elaine , how are you these days , seems like ages since we spoke ! Take care my friend Jean x x x heart heart

Hi Tammy thank you! What is Valentines Day? It's a joke my friend you know my humour ha ha, but I did find one over 30 years old, I looked at it & thought that is history now lol, Anyway hope you found one also? & thanks for the private message no way I will post here I'm older & wiser now! I will send a private mail to you soon! Please take care!!! Elaine smile heart smile

Hi ,
@4vrCute Thank you for the gif card I call them! I don't know how to send them like I told you! Thanks for being my friend here, please take care & your family, best wishes from, South Wales, UK & no your not having my ray bands! LOL Elaine cool cool cool

Hi Elaine,

Hope you had a very Happy Valentine's Day heart heart heart