Hello, I'm Steve and I'm not a Doctor. I came here from Royal Games and am looking forward to meeting people from all over the world. I enjoy Golf and most College Sports and of course the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs. Also love to cook.


  • Steve
  • male
  • 57 years old, Nebraska
  • 10.10.1965


  • musicJazz and Country
  • moviesThe Godfather
  • TV showsYellowstone
  • hobbyGolf - Cooking


  • foodAll kinds
  • colorBlue...typical guy
  • petsdon't have
  • don't likedrivers that don't pay attention and food served in baskets and I hate loose change in my pocket

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Hi Steve, sorry a little late sending this mail!I wish you & all your family! Elaine smile smile smile

Hi Steve, just dropping by your place today...I like to cook too, and try not to eat from baskets, lol :-)

I have a target on my back...and we both know you're going to hit it soon! big-smilie

Hi Steve yes I'm from Florida lol I wish we could challenge each other on here. Oh well let's just make the most of it smile

Hello DrSteve, I see you don't like food served in baskets . I am not sure what kind of food that is but would you like to share what exactly that might be ?Enjoy this new site and if you find a great game , please share it . Best x

Hi Dr. Steve. LOL So you came over from Royal too. There's several of us here now. I've been watching Yellowstone as well. One of the guys told me about it so I checked it out. I enjoy the show.

Thanks for dropping by & leaving your comment. big-smilie Ahh, so you're another Royal refugee, there's so many of us. cool

I'll see what I can do about images Eva

Welcome Steve! Good to see you on here!

Thanks for filling us in! Welcome, and you might want to add a few images? (or do you lol) I enjoy day hikes and embroidery so I like to share when there's an opportunity! This site's image platform is so much better than Royal Games.

Hi, were you Dr.Steve on RG? I never ran into you there...just looked up Dr. Steve just now. Thanks for the friend invite, whether you were or not. :-)